Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Time Silliness

Some recent pictures of Wyatt in his first ball cap. We had a great lunch on Matt and Kate's deck and saw some real signs of spring - daffodils! As sad as we still are that they live in the city, we do benefit from their spring-like weather! We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of Ella and can't wait to get the first pictures of the lovebirds together - Ella and Wyatt!

Wyatt has been very interested in the computer recently - he is sitting in my lap right now, reaching for the keyboard . . . a few words from Wyatt . . . ÷bbnvvm , m,,Wq ,n nn mbb bb - I know, you're thinking genius!!!

We recently got Wyatt a highchair and he loves wheeling around in it. We just started him on solids again on Saturday and praise the Lord, he has not been vomiting! So, we are getting good use out of the chair and hopefully the meds are working! He has been a cranky boy recently, but we are hoping to chop it up to teething and not belly issues, we will see on Friday!

You can't tell in the above picture - but we recently got a new kitchen table - for frequent diners with the Huffs, you will be very excited about this! We've decided to grow up a little and stop making our guest's butts fall through our chairs!

Wyatt loves his mudgy (pacifier) and does not discriminate what side to chew or suck on - this is his favorite new way! Silly boy!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Fun!

We had a wonderful Easter! It was so wonderful celebrating our first Easter and the resurrection of our Savior with Wyatt at our church. Pastor Drew delivered a wonderful message and the music was amazing. We had a relaxing afternoon with some family and Wyatt enjoyed all of the new goodies he got! Here's a picture of the three of us, outside of our church on Easter morning.

Wyatt with his cousins, Ali and Tanner.
Easter basket fun.
Brendan hated the bunny ears on his boy - but I figure if Bren says "no" to pastels and argyle, Wyatt had to wear something that made him look Eastery! Besides, Wyatt loved them!
Opening Wyatt's Easter basket from Mama Lynn and Grandpa Mark! Wyatt loves his new turtle toy - even though he hasn't quite figured out how to get the shapes in those weird holes!
Hanging out with Uncle Quinn and Mama Lynn.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's New

We've had a lot of fun over the past couple of weeks. We took Hannah and Nathaniel up to Fort Collins on Saturday to visit the CSU campus and had a lot of fun returning to our old stomping grounds and showing Wyatt where his mom and dad met! Wyatt has a new bath tub, which fits perfectly with his rubber ducky themed bathroom, and you'll see from the pictures that he loves it! He's grabbing for the keyboard right now - and everything else in his reach! He is a very curious little boy!

Wyatt shows his CSU spirit - we're hoping that Wyatt can get his hair this long by fall, so we can dye it yellow and green and cheer on the Rams at a football game! Although his hair is getting thicker, we've got at least 10 more years before the little guy has hair this long!
Relaxing with Dad!
You're thinking . . . we've seen enough saucer pictures . . . it's just that those thighs are irresistible!
This onesie was one of the first gifts we were given for Wyatt. We have been waiting for the day that he could fit in it and we could take our first Piggly Wiggly family picture! Hopefully Grandpa Ron and Grandma Dee will continue to outfit the family with their next trip to Florida!
The littlest Piggly Wiggly! He sure is wiggly these days!