Saturday, December 31, 2011


I really must update this thing more than once a month to ensure fewer than 50 pictures per post! This was meant to be our Christmas card however; I never quite got my act together. If only the thought was enough!! We have had such a busy December. We spent almost an entire week celebrating Christmas between our 3 families. Wyatt loved every minute of it, and got plenty of attention and presents to last an entire year!! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, celebrating our Savior's birth!
We ended our festivities with Mema and Grandpa Terry where Wyatt got a ukulele - (he calls it his guitar), and a great pair of Carhartt coveralls. Wyatt loves music and immediately had everyone find an instrument and said "let's rock." Here are a couple pictures of Wyatt and Daddy and Wyatt and Mema "rocking".

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the Horneckers and had a great time sledding the night of Christmas Day.

Uncle Quinn!!

Wyatt loves boots and hats. As you can see from a lot of these pictures, he's got quite the array!

We started our Christmas celebration with the Huffs on Friday, for a nice brunch and presents. Here's a great picture of Wyatt with Granny.
I resorted to bribery (5 marshmallows) if Wyatt would just let me take one more snowman picture. Pretty sure I'm getting a defiant look while he "complies".
Daddy and Wyatt in the BIG snow pile!
Wyatt, Mommy and our snow blob - not enough wet snow to really make a snowman!

Wyatt had a school program - he was an elf. He did great until Santa took a little too long with his speech. Wyatt is NOT a fan of Santa!
Wyatt and his buddy, Boden playing in the snow.
Trying to help Daddy get the truck un-stuck!