Friday, April 20, 2012

Catching Up

It has been too long since I've blogged, so in a last ditch effort to get our winter adventures documented before our newest arrival comes, I'm creating one big catching up blog!

Wyatt is 2 and a half and is so excited to have a little brother.  He has been so sweet during this pregnancy, kissing my belly and telling Will hi and good morning and singing to him often.  He has told me a couple of times to "sit down, relax Mommy - I'll cook you dinner."  He has recently enjoyed hearing how he can help us take care of his brother and loves the idea of being our helper!  We are so excited to finally introduce our boys to each other!
 As grateful as we've been for an early and warm spring, we had a lot of fun with the major snowstorms from the winter.  Bren and Wyatt finally had a chance to build a snow cave as things started to melt.  I have a feeling Bren had more fun than Wyatt!

Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Adam came out for a ski vacation in February.  We had plenty of snow for some extreme sledding!

 Wyatt still loves hats and boots!  Here are a few of his favorite looks from the winter!

 Our families gave us a membership to the Butterfly Pavilion for Christmas.  We've been up there several times, and Wyatt loves it just as much each time!  He loves to touch the crabs and starfish, but fortunately (for Mommy) he isn't old enough to hold Rosie the Tarantula yet!!

 Wyatt loves music.  He plays his guitars daily and just recently, wanted to stop after every song he played to pray.  It was precious.  Our little boy seems to already have a heart for the Lord.  He is so eager to pray at bedtime - thanking God for so many things and telling Him all about his day.  Just yesterday, he was reading his Bible to all of his stuffed animals and telling them that God made all of the animals. 

 Wyatt loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and has started using Mickey jargon!  When frustrated, he usually says "ah, pickle juice!" - apparently this is one of Donald Duck's favorite sayings.  Last weekend while at a store, the automatic door started to close and Wyatt said, "Wait for us Handy Helper!" - the character from Mickey's clubhouse who opens the door when the doorbell rings.  Wyatt makes us laugh on a daily basis, especially when repeating things we've hardly heard of!
 We spent Easter with some friends again this year.  The crowd wasn't as big, but the weather was better and the food and company was great!  Here are the big kids - Atley, Caris, Boden and Wyatt enjoying their ice cream!
Wyatt and Mommy before church on Easter Sunday - about 37 weeks pregnant!