Sunday, July 25, 2010


My dad and Bren's mom joined us last Saturday for Wyatt's first trip to the zoo! Despite the 100 degree weather, Wyatt really seemed to enjoy the trip. He loved the giraffes, seals, elephants and flamingos - he seems to be an animal lover, just like his daddy!
Wyatt and Grandpa Mark watching the hippo!
Wyatt and Mema Terri watching the sea lions.

Cute little feet!

"Look Mom! Everything is red when I hold this up to my face!"

Wyatt is on the move . . . and he is getting faster each day! He loves to explore and realizes now that he can follow us wherever we go, he can open every cabinet and why not put everything that is on the ground in your mouth!! Watching Wyatt learn continues to be one of our favorite things, and now that he is crawling, he seems to be learning so much! He takes such interest in the simplest things - making the door stop spring, running his hand against the heating vent so it makes a noise, and listening to his legs make a funny sound on our kitchen floor are some of his favorite things to do. Besides crawling, he is talking up a storm - he now says "mama" - it's about time!!! He still doesn't appear to have a clue that we are "mama" and "dada", but it is still sweet to hear him say the words! He also has a strong aversion to the word "NO", he gets spitting mad. We see a lot of thrashing, spitting, and crying when we say "NO" - good thing I've got all that behavior modification training under my belt! We are pretty sure he's working on his upper teeth which is resulting in a lot of drooling . . . again! He tries to pull himself up on everything and loves to stand for a few seconds before crashing to the ground. All in all, he's a very happy boy and he brings us so much joy. What a blessing it is to be his parents!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silly Boy

Wyatt thought the sand was so much fun . . . he didn't even ingest too much either!
Wyatt and Boden

Wyatt started crawling forward this week! He doesn't go too far yet, but he is definitely on the go and has picked up the pace a little each day. Here are some pictures of Wyatt playing with his friend Boden in the sandbox, crawling inside his toy box, and just being cute. Enjoy!

Happy Campers

My handsome guys watching the hot air balloons! It was gorgeous - 40 balloons all over the place!

A big yawn - being carried around in the backpack is tiring!

Sittin' up like a big boy in his very own camping chair (thanks Mama Lynn)!

We had a GREAT time this weekend in Steamboat for Wyatt's first camping trip and the hot air balloon festival! Wyatt loved hanging out in the trailer, sitting in his camping chair and going for walks in the backpack. He may have been a little cold at night, which resulted in a couple of sleepless nights but overall, he was wonderful! We had a lot of fun with my parents, and it was fun to take Wyatt to a place where my parents took us so often as kids. Steamboat is absolutely gorgeous, but the beetle kill has definitely made its way over to that part of Colorado too.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Fun

Wyatt has this silly quirk - he tries to taste the wind. Here he is, tasting the wind with Mama Lynn!

4 generation photo - one I am so glad we have!
Wyatt with my grandma Jeanne. They absolutely loved each other!
Soooo sleepy! Vacationing is hard work!
Wyatt loves to hold on to the stroller when he rides.
It's remarkable watching your child learn! Here he is trying to figure out what "city grass" is. Just like his mommy . . . loving city grass. Could be a rough experience planting some of that stuff is Evergreen!
Wyatt is pulling himself up now, crawling around (although only backwards) and just got his second tooth. He's growing up so fast!

We've had some camera complications, but have finally ironed out all of the kinks and can post pictures again! We have had so much fun already this summer! We've gone to several lake concerts - our favorite Evergreen summer tradition. Wyatt absolutely loves the stroller ride and the "city grass" and Bren and I love to relax with family and friends and take in the beautiful summer nights. We took a trip to Arizona for Dawson and Ashley's wedding and to visit my grandma and aunt, uncle, and cousin. We had so much fun visiting that side of my family and hanging out with our friends that were also able to attend the wedding. Wyatt had a lot of firsts on this trip - his first airplane ride, swimming experience, slide at the park, wedding, and visit with the Singer side of the family! We were so grateful that my mom was able to come out with us, she was a huge help on the airplane, and we also got a 4 generation photo!

We are heading out for our first family camping trip with Wyatt this weekend, Bren has been begging for a camping trip since February, I'm fortunate to have held him off until the snow has melted! As I write, Bren is "prepping" the trailer and taking it for a spin around the neighborhood - it's fun to see how excited he gets about camping! I can't wait to see both Bren and Wyatt get excited about camping in years to come. We are going to Stemboat for the Hot Air Balloon Festival and also plan to take Wyatt on his first fishing experience while we are there. Bren and Wyatt's grandpas have been wanting to get a rod in his hand since the day he was born!

Wishing you all a happy Independence Day, especially freedom in Christ Jesus and a safe and memorable summer!


Holding hands . . . how cute! Hopefully Ella can look past the drool - teething is hard!
Wyatt and Atley, before their first swim together and then at Dawson and Ashley's wedding in Arizona.

Wyatt is very popular with the ladies! There's Ella, his number one - she's a little younger and lives in Littleton, but he seems to be taken by her dainty features and darker complexion! They both love to sleep through fireworks, have tooting contests and be held during dinner! Atley, his travel sweetheart - an older woman from Greeley - although she's more than a year older, they love to swim together and he thinks she's so pretty! And of course, Callie Grace - his Evergreen interest! She's older too and quite the caretaker with her southern charm. Wyatt loves them all and is so sweet with all of them - we pray he continues to be a gentleman!