Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My favorite material object is most definitely food! Those of you who know me well, know this to be VERY true! I would even self proclaim to be a food snob - not someone who loves expensive and lavish foods, but someone who loves good food . . . and a lot of it! Considering my obsession with food, it makes sense that in the past few weeks, a majority of the pictures I have taken of Wyatt, are of him eating messy food!

It is so incredible to watch Wyatt learn new things, explore every detail in his world, and to see mine and Brendan's personality traits come out in Wyatt. When it comes to eating - he is definitely my son! At times, he loves food so much that he makes two fists and shakes his whole body. His current favorites - sloppy joes, baked ziti and anything with cheese! It won't be long until he's a mexican food lover like his mama!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

November Flew By!

Wyatt and Bren before the jeep ride.

We went to our family cabin in Allenspark this weekend with my parents for a chance to relax! Here's Wyatt before his first family jeep ride down the lower perch - he was only awake for a couple of minutes before nodding off - he loves to sleep in any car!
A tired little guy after a long weekend full of fun!
Wyatt has found his belly button! He spends a lot of time walking around the house playing with his button. He has also found our belly buttons, and his is not very gentle when finding them!
Walking around in Daddy's hat.
Wyatt's pooping place is under our kitchen table. He will push the stools out of the way, walk underneath and poop. Pretty funny!
Wyatt and Mommy's snuggle time. We are so blessed that Wyatt loves to snuggle. Although he is on the go a lot more these days, we still get several chances throughout the day for a little snuggle time!
Just plain cute!
Wyatt is a whole lot of action these days and here are some stunt shots on his police cruiser to prove it! He tries to ride his motorcycle on his feet without any hands. He also blares the lights and siren and will speed off to catch the bad guys!
I can't believe it's been about a month since I've posted on the blog! We are on the go all of the time now that Wyatt is not only walking, but running! Wyatt is talking like crazy - his favorite word is still "daddy", which if I'm being honest, drives me crazy - but it is also adorable! He says uh-oh, mom, milk, mudgie (his pacifier), ow, wow, dog, boom, and ball all day long. He will tell you what a dog, cow, lion, fish, fly, and a vacuum say - and all other animals and things either woof or growl! He is trying very hard to jump - he has mastered this skill on his crib mattress, but seldom get's his feet off the actual ground. He still loves to read and dance, and he plays with his blocks and magnets a ton. He is a curious little guy, exploring the world around him nonstop!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

When we were pregnant with Wyatt, we called him WeeBe - Brendan coined the phrase "we be having a baby" and WeeBe just stuck. A lot of our friends from church still call him Weebs! Last year, we went to a local pumpkin patch and found the Wee Bee pumpkins - it will be a yearly tradition to pick out a Wee Bee pumpkin with our little WeeBe!

We spent Halloween with my dad, Quinn and Sheena. We watched a lot of football, ate some good soup, and even did a little trick-or-treating! Wyatt loved the wagon ride and even grabbed a few pieces of candy out of the bowls. He tried walking up to the doors, but the costume made him a little top heavy! Cutest little puppy ever!

Wyatt and Uncle Quinn. Q was the man in the yellow hat from Curious George.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall, Footsteps, and First Haircuts!

Here are a couple of pictures of Wyatt's first haircut. It took several distracting tactics to get him to cooperate - the mudge, a hairbrush, an entire box of tissues, and a whole slew of bathtub toys. Overall, a pretty good haircut from Wyatt's stylist - Daddy!!

Another trip to the zoo, this time with Grandpa Mark and Mama Lynn. He loves the seals, giraffes, hippos and elephants! He woofs when he sees all animals now!
Wyatt's new favorite toy (at least for the moment) - a Halloween slinky!
He likes to wear it as a necklace!
Wouldn't you know it . . . Wyatt took his first steps and I didn't have my camera with me! We were in Home Depot, in the tool section and Wyatt took a few wobbly steps to me - it made Brendan ecstatic! These are pictures from later that evening - it seemed necessary to document the day, and that he was wearing camo and overalls when he took his first steps! He is definitely Brendan's little boy!!

We got together with some friends for some pumpkin carving, wagon rides, and dirt cake and worms! Wyatt was the only kiddo who enjoyed digging through the pumpkin guts - and every now and then tried to sneak a bite of some pumpkin seeds.

Early in October, we went to a pumpkin festival and met up with 3 gals I went to Elementary school with (and haven't seen since jr. high) and their families. It was so much fun catching up with old friends, and enjoying all of the FREE fall activities!
Wyatt loved the petting zoo, especially the soft bunny!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crested Butte

LOVE this!

We went on a family trip to Crested Butte a couple weekends ago, for our final camping trip of the season (Bren is struggling to believe the season is over) and Wyatt's first trip to our favorite mountain town! We love Crested Butte and while Bren likes to spend time fishing and taking in the incredible views, I spend a majority of the time longing to live there and making us drive/walk around looking at houses! If you have not been to Crested Butte, you must go! It is such a wonderful little town! If only we could afford a place over there and talk several people we love in to moving with us . . . we'd be over there in a heart beat! Here are a few pictures from our weekend. My parents were already over there with their trailer, so we shacked up with them and had a lot of fun. The trees were changing and absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect! Can't wait for next summer!
Wyatt loves to take my sunglasses off my head and he actually knows how to put them on. Usually they are upside down, but every now and then he gets them on the right way. Mr. Cool!
Wyatt kept taking kleenex out of the box and we would throw it over his head, he thought it was so funny and kept making this cute face!
Bren, Wyatt, and Grandpa Mark at the campsite
He is getting SO big!
The colors were beautiful! Can you blame me for wanting to move there?!

Wyatt, Bren, and Kota
Wyatt was cracking us up the other night. He was putting his shorts on his head and crawling around. He is so funny!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guess Who's One?!!

Oh my!

Wyatt turned one a week ago today! Where does the time go?! He has blessed us with the most incredible year. He is such a sweet little boy and he is so funny! Wyatt has four teeth now. He can say dada, mama, uh-oh, oops, and Jesus, and he's got the best growl in town! He loves to walk around with his toys and pull himself up on everything, although he doesn't quite have the confidence or interest in walking on his own yet. He loves baths and going for walks in his stroller, hikes in his backpack, playing with his puppy, and reading. He loves food - especially fruit and cheese. He has the cutest little butt-shake when he dances and he loves to give kisses and snuggle. He is such a joy! Thank you to the many family members and friends who helped us celebrate. We have such an incredible support system and we can't thank you enough for loving our son!

So happy!
His first taste of cake . . . this stuff is pretty good!
A birthday lunch. Yum, taco bar! Wyatt gets so excited about food, he is definitely my son when it comes to his love of food!

Playing in his sandbox, a present from Grandpa and Grandma Huff, a few days before his birthday!
An attempt at a beach-themed birthday cake! Thank you Kelyn for the cookbook and Bren for being far more artistic than I could ever be!