Friday, October 28, 2011


Wyatt all decked out in his construction helmet, jammies, safety glasses, and Elmo slippers!

We have had an incredibly fun-filled fall! We have gone to pumpkin festivals, a vegetable farm, the circus, driving across 103 to look at leaves, and have played outside a ton. Here are a some pictures from our fall adventures!
Wyatt riding the tractor train at Miller Farms. We were able to meet Ty, Steph and Boden, Kent, Kelyn, Atley and Caris, and Brian, Andi and Courtney up there for a morning full of friends and vegetable picking. The kids loved it!

A big ol' onion!

Making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Wyatt has become quite the helper in the kitchen, especially when our meal includes chocolate chips!
This is how Wyatt sat through the entire circus (2 and a half hours)! He didn't move a muscle, he loved the horses, the elephants and the bikes so much!
Singing in the front yard.

Wyatt and Mommy at Echo Lake
Wyatt and Daddy at Echo Lake

The petting zoo at a fall festival we went to in the beginning of October. Wyatt loved feeding the sheep grass and giving him hugs. Mutton bustin' here we come!! He also talked a lot about the animal poop - he talks about poop a lot, if only it would transfer over to him wanting to potty train!

Wyatt hanging out in Daddy's hunting hat!
At the end of September we cried goodbye to our dear friends, the Johnsons. Matt, Kate and Ella have meant so much to us. They have been our "yes" friends for years, always up for a fun time! Matt and Brendan have been on countless hunting and fishing trips and have created such a special friendship based on their love for the Lord, their families and a similar sense of humor. Kate has been the most special friend to me. She has provided me with so much confidence to be myself, allowing myself grace and forgiveness. She has provided me with encouragement, accountability and joy over the years. We have shared a love for God, our families, reading and movies and a similar sense of humor too over the years. Ella and Wyatt love each other so much. Just last night as we skyped the Johnsons, Wyatt and Ella tried to share their toys through the computer and play the same thing. They were loving (not always), patient with each other (not always) and so silly together. We miss them so much! Above is a picture of Wyatt and Ella from the slumber party we had the day before they moved.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hornecker Family Cabin

We spent a lot of time at my family cabin in Allenspark throughout the summer and fall. I have so many memories there from my childhood and Brendan has loved all of the time that he has spent up there for hunting trips and family time. It is really wonderful getting to share the cabin with Wyatt and watch him fall in love with being there too. Here are some pictures from a hike we went on and sitting in the family's old Willie's jeep.

Quinn and his puppy Jaxon came up for a night when we were up there. Wyatt loved having a puppy playmate that was just his size. This picture was snapped at just the right moment. Gross!

Look Who's Two

Playing t-ball in his new birthday boots - he loves those things!!

Wyatt turned 2 on September 12th. We had a great celebration at the zoo where we got to see a polar bear and elephant make a ruckus. A month later, Wyatt still talks about this zoo trip. Some of his grandparents and best friends came to the zoo with us for a train ride, picnic and cupcakes. It was a great day, followed by a special family party the next day. It is so hard to believe that our baby boy is 2 years old!

Wyatt got an electric guitar and he plays us songs he makes up all the time.

Three of the great-grandparents - Ruthie, Fran and Merrill.
A special present from Wyatt's friend (and hopefully one day wife) before she moved away to Indiana.
Wyatt loves fish, so Bren and I spent too long making this fish cupcakes.
Ella, Boden and Wyatt
Our first train ride at the zoo.
Wyatt and Gampy watching the polar bear at the zoo for the day one of birthday partying!
Wyatt's birthday celebration started out with a big box on the front porch a few days before his birthday. He was so excited when Bren put together this "BIIIIGGG Truck" from Grandpa Ron and Grandma Dee. Wyatt drives his truck to work at BoBo's (his friend Boden) house at least once a day. He packs it full of tools and toy trucks.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

End of Summer

So, let's pretend I've posted all throughout the past few months! I've tried, but our camera has experienced a "glitch" and I haven't been able to upload my pictures to our computer. Here is an update of our end of summer fun. School started back for me on August 1st (sinful!), but we still tried to have a lot of summer fun throughout the month of August. Here we are with our good friends at the annual summer trip to Keystone for the Blue Grass and Beer Festival. Pictured above are us, Matt, Kate and Ella and Ty, Steph and Boden. Dawson and Ash were with us for the trip too, but they had taken off at the time of the picture. We had a great time and are so glad we continue to do this even with the kiddos!
Wyatt, Boden and Ella
Boden and Wyatt lovin' them some blue grass!
Matt and Bren
The gals at Keystone.
Me, Kate, Steph and Ash
Wyatt, Boden and Ella dancing to some blue grass.
Daddy and Wyatt early morning snuggle time by the river.
The three best friends riding the buffalo in Keystone.

My handsome guys!

Crazy hair!!!
Fun at another water feature park.
Wyatt LOVES drinks, just like his daddy! Here he is drinking out of his water and milk cups at the same time! :)