Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gettin' Big!

Our little boy is growing fast! During our last home weigh-in, Wyatt was 18.5 pounds! We can tell he is growing, as his knee rolls just keep getting chunkier! Wyatt is such a silly and loving boy and we just adore him! He's all about a modified version of "on the go" these days, and is perfecting a cute worm scoot however; at this point he only goes backwards! He is rolling over a lot more and he does a great pivot from his belly. His favorite words right now are dadadadada and ababababababa and he is no longer "quiet Wyatt"! He loves to scream and grunt and growl and he has the cutest little giggle. The list of foods he has kept down is getting longer and he seems to be enjoying the new world of eating choices - bananas and apples get old after awhile!

Where'd Wyatt go?!!

There he is! Wyatt loves peek-a-boo!
Showing off the arm rolls! Too cute!
Wyatt loves his bath time! Here he is in his ducky, (which he is quickly outgrowing!) playing with all of his fun bath toys. He could spend all night sucking on his toys and splashing around!

Wyatt used to love having his diaper changed - now he's happy to get naked, but sure doesn't like getting a new diaper or clothes on! We have to have plenty of toys to distract him during changes, and this bear is one of his favorites! He loves the little fish on the end of the fishing pole.

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Experiences

If only I could fit both hands and my whole face in this glass, that would really be a great experience!

What are we going to do when he no longer fits on Kota and wants a pony??!!
We've let Wyatt play around with a sippy cup over the past couple of weeks, this is the only time he's put it in his mouth, the rest of the time he tight lips it! He gives us this look that says, "don't even think about making me drink something out of this!" Stubborn little boy!

Go Rockies

We strapped on the baby bjorn and headed out for a beautiful day at Coors as Wyatt experienced his first Rockies game last Sunday. Wyatt does great in a big crowd - so many things to see, he rarely makes a peep. We only made it 5 innings, and as it approached nap time, our little man became a little cranky! As I searched for the perfect spot for the perfect picture, Wyatt let me know that his schedule is far more important than my agenda! However, even a sleeping Wyatt makes for a great picture. As fun as it was, we know it will become more exciting as Wyatt gets older. The good news . . . we didn't have to stand in the long line to get Dinger's autograph . . . that's probably just a few years away though!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


After a very pregnant summer last year, it has been well over a year since I have been on the trampoline. With the great weather on Sunday, we were able to get back out on the tramp and give Wyatt his first taste of a gentle bounce! He was a little apprehensive at first, but the smiles came pretty quick. I guess this means we are going to have to get one of those nets sooner than later!

This year on Mother's day, I certainly have a greater appreciation for my mom! It has been an incredible 8 months with Wyatt - he is so loving and happy and so funny; but motherhood is also so challenging! We enjoyed a slow morning before church and then a great lunch with some of our friends and a trip to the airport with my family to surprise mom when she returned from AZ! During our few moments at home today we were able to enjoy the nice weather! You can see how full the pond is in some of these pictures - Kota even enjoyed an afternoon swim! Wyatt loves to bounce in his saucer and can really get this thing going, I love the pictures with him smiling - he screams and giggles the entire time he is in his saucer!

Kota's photo shoot!
After a trip to Bass Pro with our friends Katie and Russell a couple of weeks ago, Brendan has already devised a plan with Wyatt to talk me in to getting an ATV. He does look awfully cute on it!
Granny walked through the woods a couple of weeks ago to visit Wyatt.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Fun

Wyatt had his GI appointment last week and good news . . . his stomach is anatomically normal and he doesn't have any motility issues! We have pressed onward with new foods and Wyatt has been able to keep everything down so far. He's experiencing the exciting world of apples and bananas!

He's making attempts at crawling, and believe it or not, he is actually rolling over a little more often! He has really started to babble however; growling is still his favorite way of communicating. He's become pretty attached to us, and has started to cry as we leave the room now!

Although it was chilly today, we enjoyed some sunshine and a walk over to granny's! Here are a couple of pictures of Wyatt, and of course his puppy dog, Kota! He absolutely loves her!

Life is Good!

Wyatt has been saying "dadadadada" a lot now! Here he is hanging with his dadadadada!
Wyatt is so ticklish . . . on his belly, his chunky thighs, and especially in his armpits. He has a great giggle, just like Bren.
Wyatt finally has enough hair for a mohawk and his stylist (daddy) is thrilled! You can't really tell in these pictures, but he's sporting his first mohawk along with his camo!

Bet ya he's thinkin' his mom doesn't rock after putting this toy on his head!!