Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 Will is going to be three months old on Friday!  He is such a happy baby and brings us so much joy!  He seems to give smiles away!  He is just beginning to laugh and patty cake seems to be his favorite thing to laugh at - he loves when you roll 'em and pat 'em!

 We took Will on his first camping earlier this summer.  He was such a trooper, especially considering it rained most of the time we were there.  Here we are on his first hike.
 As a recovering thumb sucker myself, I am afraid to admit that he might be a thumb sucker.  Although it is mighty cute, being the control freak that I am, I would love to be able to take a pacifier away from him when he gets a little bit older. 
This is one of our favorite pictures.  This is the smiley boy that we are blessed to parent each and every day.  He is so, SO sweet.  He's a pretty good little sleeper and only seems to cry for a couple of minutes when he is really tired.  He is babbling like crazy and seems to tell us all about his day.  We are just so in love with our boys and are so thankful the Lord has blessed us with them!


 So, this post might seem rather long winded, especially for those who don't want every last detail regarding our boys - but we have decided to use the blog as a baby/memory book for our boys and want to include plenty of details, pictures and stories! 
 Wyatt is almost 3 years old and he LOVES baseball!  It is his favorite thing right now and worked as a great motivator for potty training!  Here he is with his new glove - his big reward for all of his "training".  He will now tell you that he is "trained", and he's right!!!  My dad told me he would be easy to potty train, but it wasn't until I decided to commit to the process that Wyatt proved my dad right.  It's amazing what this kid will do for a mini-marshmallow!  Just a glimpse into Wyatt's baseball passion . . . . the other day we played baseball inside and outside twice, made and played baseball with playdough, made and played baseball with paper (not so easy), watched the Rockies on tv and went to our church softball game.  He loves baseball!
 Wyatt's other great love right now is motorcycles.  He's been a motorcycle fan for a long time and we have given up on deterring him from motorcycles and have committed fully to motorcycle safety.  Wyatt loves to wear Daddy's helmet and pretends his bike is a motorcycle.  He points out every motorcycle we see while driving and is quick to let us know how each rider could be safer.
 See . . . he LOVES baseball!
 Hiking with Daddy on our camping trip this summer with my co-workers.
 Bren has been telling Wyatt bedtime stories about a fox family and Wyatt eats it up.  A few weeks ago we were driving in the car and Wyatt said, "Mommy, do you know this song?  One time a day, there was a Daddy fox and a Mommy fox and a Matt fox.  And one time a day, a tree fell on Wyatt fox and Ella fox and Kate fox.  And one time a day Daddy fox and Mommy fox and Matt fox came to help Wyatt fox and Ella fox and Kate fox."  Brendan starts each story with Once upon a time, but Wyatt remembers it as One time a day.  I love it.  I also love that he keeps the Johnsons near and dear to his heart even though they have moved away and we haven't seen them in a while!  Not so sure how I feel about a tree falling on them, but at least he came up with a happy ending!
 Wyatt is trying to convince me that he no longer needs a nap, but this sort of thing keeps happening!
 For some reason I have always feared the "dress myself" stage.  Not sure why because boots and two baseball caps in 100 degree heat is pretty stinkin' cute.  We do need to buy more baseball shirts though, because I just can't keep up with the laundry!
Other Wyatt details right now . . . He loves his brother.  He is excited each day to see Will and spend time with him and can't wait until Will is ready to play baseball.  Wyatt also loves the show Franklin and Friends.  This morning on the way to VBS he told me that he would like to go play at Franklin's house some time.  Too cute!  It was hard for me to explain why he wouldn't be able to go to his house to play.  He is also a dessert lover.  He loves suckers and popsicles and marshmallows, and just about anything else that is sweet.  Wyatt is so sweet and so loving, and yes - a little bit whiny!  At almost 3, he is trying hard to be independent and becomes very frustrated when he can't do something all by himself.  He has an amazing heart though and is really able to identify his love for Jesus already.  Bren's grandpa has been really sick this summer and a few days ago Wyatt and I were talking about Grandpa Merrill getting older and being sick.  I told Wyatt that Grandpa would be going to live with Jesus and God in Heaven soon and Wyatt said, "That's so God can make him new again."  Praise God!  Wyatt is right and I instantly had tears in my eyes!  I love that Wyatt knows this and I love that we have the assurance that Grandpa Merrill will be hand in hand with our Savior soon!  Wyatt said that Grandpa Merrill will like Heaven because God and Jesus are there too!  There is no greater joy to parenting than watching our sons begin to recognize the peace and love of Jesus!

I know there are many things I am forgetting to share, but at least it's a glimpse into Wyatt's heart and daily life.  He is simply precious!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Life with Two

 We celebrated Grandpa Mel's birthday at the park on June 7th.  He had just taken a pretty bad fall a few days before, as the Parkinson's has made it really hard for him to get around.  His memory is not great anymore either, as he seems really confused and disoriented, but he still loves to get together with family.  This was grandpa's first chance to meet Will and we thought it was necessary to get another 4-generation photo!
 Will has been so alert recently.  He is more aware of his body - constantly waving his arms and legs around.  He was taken off oxygen last Friday.  After 6 long weeks on oxygen, we were all excited to be a little less "tethered"!  The photo below is of me and Will right after we got the news that he could be taken off of his oxygen!

 For Father's Day, we headed up to the family cabin in Allenspark.  Here are the boys down by the pond.  Unfortunately, it was a windy weekend, keeping us all inside more than we wanted!  We did get to see a momma moose and her calf - living just yards away from our cabin!  Wyatt spent as much time on his bike as possible and gave us all a little break from playing baseball!
 Happy Father's Day Daddy!!
 Will has started to smile a lot lately and not just after a really good poop!  He has become so interactive!    
 Will is such a sweet boy!  He loves to cuddle!  Most of the time he only cries if he is cold or really tired.  He makes the cutest little grunting sounds and is really starting to "talk" more.  He is so patient with all of Wyatt's snuggles, as you can see from some of the pictures below.

 Wyatt has so much energy and is as compassionate and helpful as ever!  Don't get me wrong, he has his days filled with 2-year old whining, but overall he is one happy kid!  His greatest love right now is baseball.  It is all he wants to do.  Bren and I love baseball, so we are happy to feed this interest!  If we aren't playing baseball at home, we are watching the Rockies on tv, going to our church softball games, or singing songs about baseball.  The other day I asked Wyatt what team he plays for and he said, "Team Tebow".  Too cute.  Besides baseball, Wyatt still loves to play his guitar, ride his bike and play with his Mickey pals.  He also loves to snuggle with Will!  He is so loving and usually gentle!  We feel so blessed to be the parents of these two incredible little guys!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Will Adams Huff

 Will Adams Huff arrived in our arms at 7:21 pm on May 3!  He weighed 8 lbs and was 20 inches long.  Big brother Wyatt got to meet him before bedtime that evening, and was taken by him from the very first moment.  We've been home for a couple of weeks now and things are going really well!  Will was placed on oxygen the day after we got home, as his blood oxygen levels were about 10 points low.  We're not sure how long he will be on the O2, but he is taking it in stride!  He is so sweet and cuddly, and is quite the overachiever when it comes to pooping.  We are totally in love and couldn't be any happier with our two precious boys that the Lord has blessed us with!
 One proud Daddy!
 The happy family of 4!!1
 Mema and Will
 Grandpa Mark and Will
 Grandma Lynn and Will

 Uncle Quinn and Will

 Wyatt on the dirt bike
 Granny and Will
 Wyatt is so helpful and loving.  He wants to help take care of Will and loves to give him kisses.  He is especially interested in his little hands and little ears!
 With my mama and the boys on Mother's Day!

 Wyatt with Quinn's girlfriend, Sheena.  He loves her!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Catching Up

It has been too long since I've blogged, so in a last ditch effort to get our winter adventures documented before our newest arrival comes, I'm creating one big catching up blog!

Wyatt is 2 and a half and is so excited to have a little brother.  He has been so sweet during this pregnancy, kissing my belly and telling Will hi and good morning and singing to him often.  He has told me a couple of times to "sit down, relax Mommy - I'll cook you dinner."  He has recently enjoyed hearing how he can help us take care of his brother and loves the idea of being our helper!  We are so excited to finally introduce our boys to each other!
 As grateful as we've been for an early and warm spring, we had a lot of fun with the major snowstorms from the winter.  Bren and Wyatt finally had a chance to build a snow cave as things started to melt.  I have a feeling Bren had more fun than Wyatt!

Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Adam came out for a ski vacation in February.  We had plenty of snow for some extreme sledding!

 Wyatt still loves hats and boots!  Here are a few of his favorite looks from the winter!

 Our families gave us a membership to the Butterfly Pavilion for Christmas.  We've been up there several times, and Wyatt loves it just as much each time!  He loves to touch the crabs and starfish, but fortunately (for Mommy) he isn't old enough to hold Rosie the Tarantula yet!!

 Wyatt loves music.  He plays his guitars daily and just recently, wanted to stop after every song he played to pray.  It was precious.  Our little boy seems to already have a heart for the Lord.  He is so eager to pray at bedtime - thanking God for so many things and telling Him all about his day.  Just yesterday, he was reading his Bible to all of his stuffed animals and telling them that God made all of the animals. 

 Wyatt loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and has started using Mickey jargon!  When frustrated, he usually says "ah, pickle juice!" - apparently this is one of Donald Duck's favorite sayings.  Last weekend while at a store, the automatic door started to close and Wyatt said, "Wait for us Handy Helper!" - the character from Mickey's clubhouse who opens the door when the doorbell rings.  Wyatt makes us laugh on a daily basis, especially when repeating things we've hardly heard of!
 We spent Easter with some friends again this year.  The crowd wasn't as big, but the weather was better and the food and company was great!  Here are the big kids - Atley, Caris, Boden and Wyatt enjoying their ice cream!
Wyatt and Mommy before church on Easter Sunday - about 37 weeks pregnant!