Friday, June 22, 2012

Life with Two

 We celebrated Grandpa Mel's birthday at the park on June 7th.  He had just taken a pretty bad fall a few days before, as the Parkinson's has made it really hard for him to get around.  His memory is not great anymore either, as he seems really confused and disoriented, but he still loves to get together with family.  This was grandpa's first chance to meet Will and we thought it was necessary to get another 4-generation photo!
 Will has been so alert recently.  He is more aware of his body - constantly waving his arms and legs around.  He was taken off oxygen last Friday.  After 6 long weeks on oxygen, we were all excited to be a little less "tethered"!  The photo below is of me and Will right after we got the news that he could be taken off of his oxygen!

 For Father's Day, we headed up to the family cabin in Allenspark.  Here are the boys down by the pond.  Unfortunately, it was a windy weekend, keeping us all inside more than we wanted!  We did get to see a momma moose and her calf - living just yards away from our cabin!  Wyatt spent as much time on his bike as possible and gave us all a little break from playing baseball!
 Happy Father's Day Daddy!!
 Will has started to smile a lot lately and not just after a really good poop!  He has become so interactive!    
 Will is such a sweet boy!  He loves to cuddle!  Most of the time he only cries if he is cold or really tired.  He makes the cutest little grunting sounds and is really starting to "talk" more.  He is so patient with all of Wyatt's snuggles, as you can see from some of the pictures below.

 Wyatt has so much energy and is as compassionate and helpful as ever!  Don't get me wrong, he has his days filled with 2-year old whining, but overall he is one happy kid!  His greatest love right now is baseball.  It is all he wants to do.  Bren and I love baseball, so we are happy to feed this interest!  If we aren't playing baseball at home, we are watching the Rockies on tv, going to our church softball games, or singing songs about baseball.  The other day I asked Wyatt what team he plays for and he said, "Team Tebow".  Too cute.  Besides baseball, Wyatt still loves to play his guitar, ride his bike and play with his Mickey pals.  He also loves to snuggle with Will!  He is so loving and usually gentle!  We feel so blessed to be the parents of these two incredible little guys!

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