Saturday, December 31, 2011


I really must update this thing more than once a month to ensure fewer than 50 pictures per post! This was meant to be our Christmas card however; I never quite got my act together. If only the thought was enough!! We have had such a busy December. We spent almost an entire week celebrating Christmas between our 3 families. Wyatt loved every minute of it, and got plenty of attention and presents to last an entire year!! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, celebrating our Savior's birth!
We ended our festivities with Mema and Grandpa Terry where Wyatt got a ukulele - (he calls it his guitar), and a great pair of Carhartt coveralls. Wyatt loves music and immediately had everyone find an instrument and said "let's rock." Here are a couple pictures of Wyatt and Daddy and Wyatt and Mema "rocking".

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the Horneckers and had a great time sledding the night of Christmas Day.

Uncle Quinn!!

Wyatt loves boots and hats. As you can see from a lot of these pictures, he's got quite the array!

We started our Christmas celebration with the Huffs on Friday, for a nice brunch and presents. Here's a great picture of Wyatt with Granny.
I resorted to bribery (5 marshmallows) if Wyatt would just let me take one more snowman picture. Pretty sure I'm getting a defiant look while he "complies".
Daddy and Wyatt in the BIG snow pile!
Wyatt, Mommy and our snow blob - not enough wet snow to really make a snowman!

Wyatt had a school program - he was an elf. He did great until Santa took a little too long with his speech. Wyatt is NOT a fan of Santa!
Wyatt and his buddy, Boden playing in the snow.
Trying to help Daddy get the truck un-stuck!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


As the Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end, we have reflected on all of the many things we have to be thankful for this year. Some of our most exciting news was finding out in August that Wyatt is going to be a BIG brother at the beginning of May. He is very excited and wants to name a baby sister "Baby Sister Daddy" and a baby brother "Wyatt". Both great names and in the running! In trying to not reach our health insurance deductible two years in a row, we will be waiting until the beginning of January to find out if we will be blessed with another little boy or a sweet baby girl! Wyatt is certain he is having a sister!
We joined Ty, Steph, and Boden for zoo lights last night after our plans to be at the cabin all weekend were sidelined due to family illness. Poor grandma and grandpa Hornecker were surprised by the stomach flu. Such bad timing!
Wyatt and Boden are truly the best of friends and had so much fun bundled up together last night for zoo lights fun! Wyatt has started naming his cars and stuffed animals BoBo and Wy Wy. He also prays every night for Boden and two nights ago even prayed for BoBo's bebo (belly button). Now that's true friendship!!
Wyatt and his buddy Carter on Halloween night.
Howdy partner! Our little cowboy at our church's Halloween party.
Bed head and daddy's BIG gloves!
We have had some wonderful snowstorms already this year and as much as we are grateful for the moisture, we are just as thankful for the family snow days that came with the 12+ inches each time. Here are some incredible pictures that Bren took around our house. God is so good!

Really! How do kids learn to put snow in their mouths! This is the first thing he did during our snowstorms!

Getting bundled up and ready to go brave the cold!

Go Tebow, go! And yes, we are thankful that the Broncos are FINALLY winning some games! And that we get to see those chubby little legs every single day of our lives!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Wyatt all decked out in his construction helmet, jammies, safety glasses, and Elmo slippers!

We have had an incredibly fun-filled fall! We have gone to pumpkin festivals, a vegetable farm, the circus, driving across 103 to look at leaves, and have played outside a ton. Here are a some pictures from our fall adventures!
Wyatt riding the tractor train at Miller Farms. We were able to meet Ty, Steph and Boden, Kent, Kelyn, Atley and Caris, and Brian, Andi and Courtney up there for a morning full of friends and vegetable picking. The kids loved it!

A big ol' onion!

Making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Wyatt has become quite the helper in the kitchen, especially when our meal includes chocolate chips!
This is how Wyatt sat through the entire circus (2 and a half hours)! He didn't move a muscle, he loved the horses, the elephants and the bikes so much!
Singing in the front yard.

Wyatt and Mommy at Echo Lake
Wyatt and Daddy at Echo Lake

The petting zoo at a fall festival we went to in the beginning of October. Wyatt loved feeding the sheep grass and giving him hugs. Mutton bustin' here we come!! He also talked a lot about the animal poop - he talks about poop a lot, if only it would transfer over to him wanting to potty train!

Wyatt hanging out in Daddy's hunting hat!
At the end of September we cried goodbye to our dear friends, the Johnsons. Matt, Kate and Ella have meant so much to us. They have been our "yes" friends for years, always up for a fun time! Matt and Brendan have been on countless hunting and fishing trips and have created such a special friendship based on their love for the Lord, their families and a similar sense of humor. Kate has been the most special friend to me. She has provided me with so much confidence to be myself, allowing myself grace and forgiveness. She has provided me with encouragement, accountability and joy over the years. We have shared a love for God, our families, reading and movies and a similar sense of humor too over the years. Ella and Wyatt love each other so much. Just last night as we skyped the Johnsons, Wyatt and Ella tried to share their toys through the computer and play the same thing. They were loving (not always), patient with each other (not always) and so silly together. We miss them so much! Above is a picture of Wyatt and Ella from the slumber party we had the day before they moved.