Sunday, November 28, 2010

November Flew By!

Wyatt and Bren before the jeep ride.

We went to our family cabin in Allenspark this weekend with my parents for a chance to relax! Here's Wyatt before his first family jeep ride down the lower perch - he was only awake for a couple of minutes before nodding off - he loves to sleep in any car!
A tired little guy after a long weekend full of fun!
Wyatt has found his belly button! He spends a lot of time walking around the house playing with his button. He has also found our belly buttons, and his is not very gentle when finding them!
Walking around in Daddy's hat.
Wyatt's pooping place is under our kitchen table. He will push the stools out of the way, walk underneath and poop. Pretty funny!
Wyatt and Mommy's snuggle time. We are so blessed that Wyatt loves to snuggle. Although he is on the go a lot more these days, we still get several chances throughout the day for a little snuggle time!
Just plain cute!
Wyatt is a whole lot of action these days and here are some stunt shots on his police cruiser to prove it! He tries to ride his motorcycle on his feet without any hands. He also blares the lights and siren and will speed off to catch the bad guys!
I can't believe it's been about a month since I've posted on the blog! We are on the go all of the time now that Wyatt is not only walking, but running! Wyatt is talking like crazy - his favorite word is still "daddy", which if I'm being honest, drives me crazy - but it is also adorable! He says uh-oh, mom, milk, mudgie (his pacifier), ow, wow, dog, boom, and ball all day long. He will tell you what a dog, cow, lion, fish, fly, and a vacuum say - and all other animals and things either woof or growl! He is trying very hard to jump - he has mastered this skill on his crib mattress, but seldom get's his feet off the actual ground. He still loves to read and dance, and he plays with his blocks and magnets a ton. He is a curious little guy, exploring the world around him nonstop!