Thursday, February 24, 2011

Now a Wobbler!

Wyatt has kissed the baby stage goodbye and officially become a "wobbler" - at least that is what they call him now at Bearly Tawl! Yep! Wyatt has moved out of the baby class. He is now sleeping on a cot (thank goodness it is only an inch off the ground), and introducing himself to all of the big kids at day care. He has been a ton of fun lately - letting his personality shine! He LOVES playing with tools. He spends all day fixing things around the house with his drills and wants to spend a lot of his time in the garage with Daddy. He is still intrigued with the vacuum, asking at least 20 times a day to go look at it in the closet and now he has taken an interest in the broom. Is this a good sign for the chores to come??!! He is also talking up a storm - daddy and mama are still his favorite words, but drill and tool are becoming favorites too. He says more milk "moma", "tota" - or Kota, "dire duck" - fire truck, "vaum" - vacuum, "Bamba" - grandpa, "Bamma" - Grandma, and of course "gee" for his mudgie. There are a ton of other words and sounds he is saying, but these are some of his newest! He also loves his friends Bo-Bo (Boden), Ella, Tarter (Carter), At-ley, and Caris (which he doesn't say very well at all)! It is really fun to watch him interact with the other kids - we have such special relationships with all of the parents and it is such a blessing to see the kids love each other too!

Although we have officially hit the "we shouldn't go out to eat" stage with Wyatt, we took the chance and met Uncle Russell and Aunt Katie at Casa Bonita for a classic Colorado experience! Wyatt loved it! The diver, the fire juggling . . . and most of the kiddie rides! This may be on a rotating basis of restaurants we frequent if we want to have a conversation - Casa Bonita, Chuck E Cheese, and Taco Bell! Being the food snob that I am, this could be difficult - except for Taco Bell of course!! Yum!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold Day Cutie!

We were so excited when Douglas County Schools decided to close school for two days this week due to cold weather, giving Wyatt and me a couple of days together smack dab in the middle of the week! We had so much fun, especially during the first day! By day two however; it was a little tricky to come up with new and exciting things to do solely indoors! Although I'm certain Wyatt might have the longest attention span for a 16 month old - it is still very short! And since he isn't really capable of making crafts, or cooking, and has very little interest in movies and television, we ran out of things to do by about 2:00 this afternoon! Not too bad really! Wyatt loves music, so we did a lot of singing and dancing and thanks to Hillsong Kids and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse we were able to avoid a full-fledged meltdown this afternoon. Wyatt loves to do everything Mommy and Daddy do right now, and it shows in a couple of our pictures. This morning, he rounded the corner in Bren's hat and one of my high heels. Although his dad is a little mortified that I'm posting this picture, I think it's great (and a little scary) that he wants to do just as we are doing! Hope you all had a safe and warm couple of days!
A couple of pictures at the park last weekend before the big freeze! Wyatt loves to slide!

Helping Mommy sweep!