Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas and Beyond!

Only a month later, and just finally getting the Christmas pictures up! This is my favorite one from the holidays, Wyatt all tuckered out after a bunch of fun! We got to see all of Wyatt's grandparents and of course, he was spoiled! Wyatt has changed so much over the past couple of months, talking up a storm and taking in the world around him. We love watching him learn, and pretend play. He is still as sweet as ever, minus the occasional public tantrum!!
Wyatt and great-granny Ruth!
Coloring - one of Wyatt's favorite new activities.
This is Wyatt's favorite new way to drink his milk.
Ham! How could the ladies not love that belly?!!
Wyatt and Daddy loving Bren's new Christmas present - Makita drills!

We got Wyatt some slippers for Christmas - you can tell how much he likes them! We haven't gotten them on him since!!!

Wyatt loves to be outside, especially for walks to the mailbox. Here's our little guy all bundled up for a mailbox adventure!

Wyatt still isn't in to the whole unwrapping presents thing yet, but every now and then he would peek into the bag and pull out what was inside.
We got Wyatt a Thomas the Train tunnel for Christmas and he loves it!
Wyatt loves ducks (and baths!) and quacks all of the time . . . actually he says "dack dack", but close enough!