Thursday, July 21, 2011

Funny, Embarrassing, and Adorable

Adorable . . .
I LOVE this picture! We joke with the Johnsons all of the time about Wyatt and Ella getting married, but after seeing this picture, Kate and I already have wedding announcements and slide shows planned. These two are pretty cute together, even if the shove from time to time.

One of my favorite things Wyatt is doing now, is lifting his arms up and saying "hold you," when he wants to be held - melts my heart every time. He is also still great and giving hugs and kisses and wants to kiss our owies too if we get hurt. He is such a sweet and loving boy - the joy of our lives!
We enjoyed a great camping trip to Steamboat for the Hot Air Balloon Festival with Matt, Kate and Ella. Matt took a bunch of great pictures of the kids.

Wyatt's first canoe ride at the small group camping trip at Reudi Reservoir. Poor guy needs a neck, the life jacket pushed his cheeks up past his ears!
Wyatt loves bikes. I mean, LOVES them! It's all he talks about - bikes and motorcycles, and every now and then tools and baseball. We decided to buy him a strider bike for his birthday (a little early).
Wyatt and his best buddy, Boden down by the reservoir.
Wyatt and Boden screaming "CHEEEESE"

Embarrassing . . .

So . . . none of the pictures below are embarrassing (except for maybe to Bren). He probably isn't a huge fan of the senior picture pose of him on a fishing/hike with Matt, but I think it's sexy and since I'm the family blogger I got to sneak it on!! I did want to share a story though, that Wyatt will probably find embarrassing in 10 or 12 years! So, a few months ago we were reading a Bible story while Wyatt was in the tub. I was reading and Bren was sitting on the floor and could see Wyatt's upper body in the tub but couldn't see the water. All of a sudden, Wyatt started to freak out and when I looked down I saw poop in the tub - a lot of poop in the tub! We hit the other shower with Wyatt and cleaned out the tub, all in record time. However; Wyatt is still freaked out about this (who can blame him)! The other night he was taking a bath and started freaking out - there was a black speck in the tub - smaller than a grain of pepper, but he insisted that I get it out NOW! Not very manly, but pretty darn cute!
Wyatt with the Horns. Grandpa and Grandma were at Reudi Reservoir when we went camping too!

Bren's senior picture! :)

Funny . . .

Wyatt and Ella at the zoo - it's almost impossible to get both of them to look at and smile at the camera at the same time!! Wyatt spent a majority of the day chasing birdies, so glad we spent the money on the zoo membership since we could see his favorite animal in our driveway!! Actually, it's been a lot of fun each time we've gone this summer and we've gotten to bring a lot of friends and family with us!
Wyatt and Boden laughing their heads off while trying to drink water from the faucet like Kota! Don't worry the water was potable! They were soaking wet by the end of this adventure!

What's better than chocolate pudding? Chocolate pudding all over your face!
Wyatt loves hats - he ate dinner with his shorts on his head like a hat one night while he insisted that I cook dinner wearing a bright yellow bicycle helmet. You are more than welcome to visit, but beware that you will most likely be wearing a helmet and a pair or two of shoes (Wyatt's other favorite article of clothing)!