Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Fun Continued

After cutting the "grass" short in the front yard, we set up the sprinkler and let Wyatt have at it. He loved it, even when it got COLD!
Wyatt and Kota trying to drink out of the sprinkler!
Wyatt trying to encourage Kota to come and get a drink out of the sprinkler, he thinks it is so funny when she drinks!

Shades - check. Swim trunks and shirt - check. Flip-flops - check. Hat - check. Ready for the water.
A beetle kill stool Bren's been working on, we'll post more work project pictures soon.

Playing in a tee-pee he got from cousins Ali and Tanner.

Quinn, Dad and Bren - fishing for Father's Day.
Dad, Bren and Ron
Wyatt is just starting to care about what he's wearing a little bit - but only when it comes to hats, socks, and shoes - and occasionally eye wear.
Wearing Daddy's socks!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer's Here!

We are only a week into summer vacation and have had a ton of fun already! Since our last posting we've had tons of family fun and adventure! Bren has completed his first month as a business owner and it has been both successful and enjoyable. Wyatt and I love having Bren home more often and he loves being out on his own. So far this transition has been a huge blessing and we cannot thank our friends and family enough for the support . . . and also the business! :)
These finger paint pictures are from yesterday. I ran upstairs to find a paint brush for Wyatt when the fingers weren't quite cutting it and came back to find this! A little creepy looking, considering he used the red paint, but pretty funny too!
We went up to the Teva Games in Vail last weekend thanks to a tip from some great friends. Wyatt had a blast and so did we . . . and all for free!! On the walk back to the car Wyatt fell asleep and didn't even wake up while we changed his diaper on the tailgate.

Wyatt loves bikes and motorcycles right now. We check out a couple big kid books every week about motorcycles and they are all he talks about. Grandpa Mark, Grandma Lynn, and Uncle Quinn all have motorcycles that he sits on regularly and even gets to honk their horns. As the mom I really hate, yes I said hate, this love and obsession - but I'm realizing this is a battle I cannot win. So . . . I am tirelessly trying to teach motorcycle and bike safety! Yes, everyone wearing a helmet is safe and smart and I say this phrase at least 20 times a day (no exaggeration).
Wyatt got to ride a strider bike at the Teva Games and he LOVED it! Especially once they strapped the helmet on! Yay!
Trampoline hair!
Playing Mema Terri's piano
Huff/Marsh family day at the zoo
Bren's sister Tiffany was in town for a few days over Memorial Day. We haven't seen her since Wyatt was 3 months old so it was a treat for all of us! Wyatt loves his aunt "Niffny" and loved getting to snuggle her and play ring around the Niffny!
Exploring at Mema's and Grampa Terry's house.

Yes, Wyatt still loves shoes. He wears our shoes daily and insists that we have shoes on at all times. He is a little confused about the whole flip flop thing, but is getting used to seeing them on feet. This is by far one of my favorite quirky things about him!
Riding his ATV at Grandpa Mark and Grandma Lynn's house on Mother's Day.